Summer Volunteering Ideas

Summer unofficially begins in about a month. So while we still have a few more weeks of Spring, let’s take that time to think about some volunteering and service ideas that can really bring the community together.


Get Involved With A Community Garden

This idea is great if you’re a year-round city dweller. Many urban areas want to cultivate green space to allow residents to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Volunteering your time to tend to (or even start!) a garden oasis will be much appreciated by everyone in the neighborhood. Not only can a community garden be a destination of quick relaxation, but it can provide some utility, too. Practice good earth stewardship by planting produce in the community garden, or team up with a local farmer’s market to bring sustainably-grown produce to people around town. If you’re interested in starting one, check out this nifty guide by the American Community Garden Association. From gauging interest to setting the rules, these are the ten steps you should definitely abide by.


Volunteer at an Arts Festival

This is one of the most fun things to do in the Summer, and comes with the most variance. They can be massive city-wide events, or small ones organized by a particular cultural institution. Either way, they take great advantage of the fact that during the summer people want to be outside.

Some areas may do outdoor movie screenings. People gather in the park, bring a blanket and snacks, and enjoy a cool feature on a huge screen. It’s hard not to do an outdoor movie— it’s really not an excuse if there’s “not enough” park. For example, in New York City, some neighborhoods take advantage of the vertical space and even do rooftop screenings.

Some towns also hold more all-encompassing arts festivals. Artisans and artist are encouraged to come out and sell their goods or perform demonstrations. Charleston, South Carolina holds their annual Spoleto Festival and world-class musicians performing everything from Jazz to Opera dazzle the audience. Visual artists and dancers are also present, to ensure their really is something everyone can find interesting.


Beach Clean Up

“Trips to the beach” are pretty much synonymous with “Summer” at this point. But litter still dots our beaches, making the experience not only less enjoyable for humans but hazardous to marine wildlife as well. Organize a cleanup brigade and head down to your local beach to clean up. Plastic can be harmful to birds, and glass isn’t great for our human feet. Your efforts will be appreciated by pretty much every living thing!

Ross Sanner

Ross Sanner is the Founder and CEO of Think Growth Consulting LLC, a leading company that guides both nonprofit and for-profit businesses through smart, expansive investment and growth opportunities.

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