About Ross Sanner

Ross SannerSince his childhood, Ross Sanner has been passionate about giving back and raising awareness. His mother worked in the education industry with special needs children. His father was a physician and surgeon who also taught and ran residency programs. Ross saw the hope his parents were able to inspire in others and wanted to do the same.

Donations can make a difference, and it’s important to note that every little bit does in fact help. Volunteering is a selfless activity, driven by an innate mission to make the world a better place. It doesn’t take much to do it and everyone can make an impact.  Successful service isn’t about donating the highest dollar amount or volunteering the most hours. It’s not about gaining recognition or bragging rights. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. As Ross says, “it’s about leaving it better than you found it.”  Everyone may not be in a position to give their time, money or knowledge. Yet, it is possible to be aware of the importance of giving back and making small changes, wherever possible.

Both Ross Sanner and his wife, Casey, have chosen paths in life that enable them to give back to others around them. They believe in paying it forward and Ross tries to help out within his community as much as he can. He wants to bring national awareness to local efforts and show that it doesn’t take much to help. By surrounding himself with people that have the same mission as he does, he hopes to trigger participation and involvement from others.

Ross Sanner is a member of many non-profit organizations and has supported many groups over the years including the National Breast Cancer Foundation, the National Autism Association, Casting 4 A Cure, and Casting For Recovery. He has also run the Boston’s Run To Remember Race.

Ross currently lives in Burlington, Vermont. To learn more about Ross, please feel free to take a look at his other websites.